I Need Something to Do

I’ve been experiencing something lately which is very rare in this era of smartphones, streaming services, and social media: boredom. After a month of social distancing I’ve come to realize that I need some sort of creative hobby again.

I’m not opposed to increasing my consumption of certain guilty pleasures (and alcohol!), but I think it would be better to mix it up with an activity that demands something of my brain as well.

Way back in 2004 I started blogging when my daughter was born. I even built my own blog engine! No need to feel impressed, I had to compose the entries using raw XML and it was horrible. Since then I’ve bounced between more robust platforms, and now I’ve landed here (my last post was also on Medium four and a half years ago).

Why did I stop? Mainly because I was discouraged by my lack of readership. So my goal this time is to simply not give a shit about popularity. The point of this is to write, if people read it great, but even if they don’t this activity serves its purpose.

So this blog will be about things that interest me so that I will remain motivated to write irregardless of popularity. What interests me? I love technology and am an unapologetic Apple fanboy (though I’m happy to criticize them on occasion). I also have an odd obsession with the changing landscape of streaming services. On top of those topics I consume a lot of news and may write about anything that strikes my fancy… or scares the hell out of me.

The goal is to sit down regularly and move the cursor to the right until life returns to normal, and maybe even after that if I enjoy it enough.

Here goes…

Technology Enthusiast, Family Guy